Everything You Need to Wow Your Clients in One Platform

Traffic Analytics. Goal Tracking. Heat Maps. Live Maps. Scroll Maps. Hover Maps. Session Explorer. A/B Tests. Multivariate Tests.

Built for Digital Agencies & Marketers

Concurra is a purpose-built all-in-one website optimization platform designed with digital marketers and agencies in mind. Manage multiple websites, client accounts, numerous goals, and more from one, powerful interface.

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  • Traffic Analytics

    Understand everywhere website visitors go and everything they do all in one tool.

  • Goal Tracking

    Easily define and track page-specific, site-wide or experiment specific goals.

  • A/B Tests & Experiments

    Instantly turn any page into a live A/B test or multivariate test with real traffic.

  • Interaction Mapping

    See where visitors click, where they move their mice, and how far they scroll.

  • Session Explorer

    Dive into specific sessions to see what pages were visited and what interactions occurred.

  • Action Insights

    Our algorithms are always watching traffic and interactions to flag potential focus areas.

Works on Any1 Website

Concurra works perfectly on any website, regardless of what language it is programmed in, or what technologies it uses. It works across responsive, mobile, tablet, and desktop sites, all resolutions, and all major modern browsers. Additionally, Concurra is CMS agnostic and supports everything from Wordpress to Joomla to straight, vanilla, hard coded pages.

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One Feature Rich Platform, Not Many Isolated Tools

In order to get access to the same features that Concurra's optimization platform offers, you would need to use to multiple competing products. That means placing multiple pixels on your client websites, teaching your staff to use multiple interfaces, and bouncing between systems that don't talk to each other, or even speak the same language.