Full Service, White-Glove Managed Optimization and Training Service

Concurra was founded as an enterprise-grade tool for digital agencies. Today, we process millions of user sessions per month and help optimize websites for countless consumer and business-focused brands. At heart, we're a software company, but we recognize that not all businesses and agencies have the resources in-house to get the most out of our technology platform. To that end, we offer a Managed Optimization and Training Service (MOTS) for businesses and agencies who desire to optimize their websites but lack the resources or expertise to do it themselves. MOTS is a hybrid technology-professional service where our optimization experts work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to ideate and execute on optimization experiments with your real web traffic.

  • Fully managed, white glove service

    Concurra handles the entire optimization process from data collection, to ideation, to implementation and tracking so you don’t have to. The process starts with an in-depth assessment of the overall goals of your website which includes a brainstorming session for potential ways to improve.

  • Unique technical capabilities

    By operating our own website and conversion rate optimization technology platform, user interaction monitoring engine, and A/B testing system, we are able to deliver customized, highly effective CRO services at the fraction of the cost of other providers because there is no need to separately purchase software.

  • Simple, easy-to-understand and affordable pricing

    Agency packages include generous traffic allocations for larger and more active websites. Managed Optimization and Training engagements start at just $1,000 per month. The price increases with the complexity of the project, however the ultimate goal is to transfer knowledge to your own in-house team to reduce cost and increase effectiveness.

  • Hybrid SaaS-professional service model

    Concurra uses its own technology platform coupled with experienced optimization specialists to deliver a comprehensive, holistic optimization experience. Our trained experts work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to conceptualize and execute on experiments designed to increase conversion rates using the Concurra platform.

  • Not an agency, a software company

    We are not an agency. We don't want to be an agency. Our goal is not to have large portfolio of on-going managed optimization engagements. We consider managed optimization as a way to empower customers of our software to get value out of it. To that end, the purpose of our managed optimization program is to teach your team how to use the Concurra platform to generate steady improvements in performance in-house, eventually dropping our managed service entirely.

  • Training more than just included

    All Concurra partners receive unlimited free one-on-one training sessions for their employees. But with our managed optimization service, we take training to a new level. The goal is to teach your team how to use Concurra during the managed engagement so you don't need to engage us in the future. To that end, we don't just do training sessions, we also involve your team in the on-going day-by-day work so they know what's going on.

  • Reduced cost vs other platforms

    Concurra replaces three or four different products reducing your costs and workload. Before Concurra, you would need one platform for on-page user interaction monitoring (heatmaps, scroll maps, etc.), another tool to record user sessions, a third tool to conduct A/B tests, and a fourth tool for general goal tracking and analytics. That's a lot of invoices, interfaces and pixels to contend with to do your job. Concurra believes there is a better way - all-in-one software designed by marketers, for marketers.

Thank you for your interest in Concurra services! We are currently in the process of upgrading our tools and offering and we have temporarily discontinued accepting new clients.