Concurra for Freelancer Designers & Marketers (Free for 12 Months)

Welcome to the Concurra Freelancer Alliance Program. Concurra was founded as an enterprise-grade tool for digital agencies. But we know that it is freelancers that really make the internet work. Behind every great marketing agency, every great website, every great campaign, there are always a handful of exceptional freelancers. So why do agencies get to use all the cool tools and new technologies when freelancers contribute just as much? We think that's a question.

Through this program, freelance designers and marketers can get up to 12 months of access to Concurra's website and conversion rate optimization software for FREE - no credit card or commitment to pay required. No strings attached.

  • Full access, all features, unlimited users

    Put Concurra's full capabilities to use for your clients. Track their users, optimize their websites, and increase their conversion rates using the same tools that enterprise-class marketing agencies use every day -- just without the enterprise price tag.

  • Simple, easy-to-understand and affordable pricing: FREE

    Freelancer Alliance partners will never receive an invoice from Concurra for our base software access during the first 12 months of their engagement with us. Our software, support and training will be provided free of charge. Freelancer Alliance partners can use Concurra on up 3 websites at a time, and each website can receive up to 5,000 monthly sessions. Additional sessions are offered to Freelancer Alliance partners at a heavy discount from our retail prices.

  • Powerful marketing capabilities you can't find anywhere else

    Concurra replaces three or four different products reducing costs and workload. Before Concurra, you would need one platform for on-page user interaction monitoring (heatmaps, scroll maps, etc.), another tool to record user sessions, a third tool to conduct A/B tests, and a fourth tool for general goal tracking and analytics. That's a lot of invoices, interfaces and pixels to contend with to do your job. Concurra believes there is a better way - all-in-one software designed by marketers, for marketers.

  • Terms, conditions and rules

    Freelancer Alliance is available to any freelancer that fits the following criteria:

    • Individual freelancer (not an agency or a company) focused on website design or digital marketing (PPC, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.)
    • Freelance design or marketing revenue is below $10,000 per month.
    • Must agree to Concurra's end user Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    • If incorporated, should be a sole proprietorship, single member LLC or a single shareholder S-corp.
    • Free access to Concurra's platform includes up to 3 websites with up to 5,000 monthly user sessions each for 12 months.
    • Concurra reserves the right to deny access to the Freelancer Alliance program for any application for any reason.
    • After 12 months, freelancers will have the option to continue to use Concurra at a discounted rate.

Thank you for your interest in Concurra services! We are currently in the process of upgrading our tools and offering and we have temporarily discontinued accepting new clients.