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Concurra records everything your users do and makes it easy for you to understand the message their interactions is sending. See what's converting, what's not, and develop a hypotheses to improve.

Much more than just website analytics

Unlike most competing tools, Concurra doesn’t just track what pages your visitors goto, it also records and tracks what your visitors do with their mouse and keyboard while they are on your site. This gives you a new dimension of visibility into the true experience your users go through when browsing your website. It’s like eye tracking, but more revealing.

Drill down into individual user sessions

When you need to get some specifics, dig into an individual user session. Concurra gives you an eye in the sky: see the user’s full navigation path through your site, explore it in static form or watch every decisive click and hesitant hover yourself, gaining a critical outside perspective. Discover where your users linger, where friction occurs, and what their journey through your site is like, from their perspective.

Segment visual data by demographics or behavior

Concurra is all about making complex user interaction data easy to consume for marketers. To that end, all Concurra outputs (from tabular reports to visual analytics) can be filtered and segmented by a wide range of criteria, including both user demographics (e.g. where they are from, what type of device they are using), and user behavior (e.g. which other pages have they visited, how long have they been on the site).

Receive automatic alerts on interesting user interactions

Concurra’s algorithm monitors every interaction tracked by the system, and when it notices something curious–like a spike in traffic, a new conversion point, an underperforming page, it lets you know. The goal is to save your valuable time and resources so you can spend less time digging through data and more time optimizing and designing.

Identify potential conversion killers on your website

Use all these insights to inspire ideas about what to test. Nobody's converting on your landing page—what if you changed the call-to-action? Mobile users keep bouncing from your services page—what if you simplified the design?

Seamlessly track any interaction as a goal

Determine the goals you're shooting for. What's a conversion in your book? Telling Concurra is effortless‐even if it includes dynamic elements like drop-down menus and rotating carousels. Just point and click to define targets and goals. Easy as pie.

Seamless, effortless integration with any website

You don't need to be a tech whiz to optimize your site. Concurra makes it easy to find trends, run A/B tests, and convert more—without knowing how to code. Our intuitive interface empowers anyone to review interaction records, create variations and start making a difference -- instantly.

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Use one system, not many

To get the same functionality that Concurra offers, you would need to subscribe to three or four different platforms. That's three systems, three pixels on your website, three interfaces to learn and three bills to pay. No more -- Concurra is all-in-one.

Don your lab coat & start experimenting

Whether you have a hypothesis backed by data or just a fuzzy hunch, it’s time to put your idea to the test. It all begins by selecting the page you want to experiment on. Go beyond A/B testing and use Concurra’s filtering capabilities to run personalized campaigns and experiment with completely new designs.

See what other systems miss

When we say we record everything, we mean everything. Concurra's incredibly deep analytics include session replays that show visits from beginning to end, heatmaps that reveal where users click, hover, scroll, and interact, useful trends, and custom goal tracking to observe and improve conversions.

Full support for responsive, mobile, and dynamic Sites

Concurra makes monitoring what works best a breeze—even with dynamic elements like sliders, dropdown menus, and animations. Concurra works perfectly across responsive, mobile, tablet, and desktop sites, so you don't have to settle for less.

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