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We’re not just passionate about data. Everyone says that. But how many people actually put it to work? We believe that analytics should be actionable. That’s why we built Concurra.

About Concurra

You love the idea of using data to optimize your website. It's almost like magic: tweak a few words, move this button there, watch your conversions triple. Abracadabra, right? In reality, website optimization is a science—and it can feel more like a chore.

You rack your brain and nearly drown in data just to figure out what to test. Your analytics won't talk to your heatmap tool, which doesn't even speak the same language as your A/B testing platform. You jump between tools, lose your place (and your patience), forget to follow up, and kick the can down the road.

We know the feeling. That's why we made Concurra—it combines all those capabilities into one cohesive whole, making it easy and—yes—enjoyable to optimize your site. It's got everything you need to free the mad scientist inside you: gather data in your sleep, get suggestions on what to test, run experiments in a snap, and watch the conversions come rolling in.

We are a small company based in Chicago and we are passionate about UX design. We're focused on one thing: building software that helps marketers make better websites through data.

Concurra makes the science of optimization accessible to everyone, so you can actually do something with your data. Transform rich analytics into actionable insights and real results. Presto chango? Nope, no magic tricks here—just science made easy. Eureka!

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Thank you for your interest in Concurra services! We are currently in the process of upgrading our tools and offering and we have temporarily discontinued accepting new clients.

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